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Teaching Materials

One of the aims of the Network is to collate and develop useful teaching materials in German and English relating to the GDR, which may be used either in German language classes or in History classes through the medium of English. This section of the website is divided into two sections:

Teaching Resources: a list of online resources in English and German which may be useful in the classroom, both for A-level students and for first year undergraduate students.

Worksheets: a collection of worksheets on a variety of themes relating to the GDR, which are designed for use in the classroom and for small group activities. Each worksheet relates to a specific set of materials (e.g. films, literary excerpts, policy documents etc.)

Other useful thematic links, which are not designed specifically for teaching purposes, can be found on the links page.

Our thanks go to Claire Hyland, Steph Bostock, Matthew Linehan, Anna Thompson and Edith Gruber for helping to put together the teaching materials and links pages.